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Child custody dispute results in Azarenka missing Fed Cup

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

When child custody disputes begin to affect your ability to work, it can be a frustrating issue. Not only that, but it costs you money and time. Take for example this news story about Victoria Azarenka, who has to miss the fourth tennis tournament this year because of an ongoing custody dispute. If she wants to work, she needs to leave the state without her child, which is something she is not comfortable doing.

The court order in place between the court and the 28-year-old woman’s family states that neither she nor her spouse may leave the state of California with their child. This is a standard procedure for most families, but in this case, it puts the woman in a difficult position. Instead of being able to take her child with her to international tournaments, she has to see him only within the state. Her child is young, so leaving for any length of time without him doesn’t seem to be an option.

Azarenka has previously stated that she was missing the U.S. Open because of the ongoing dispute, but that she hopes it can be resolved quickly. She doesn’t believe a parent should have to choose between his or her child or career.

If you are struggling to get to your job or to go to school out of state because of your child custody dispute, it’s important to talk to your attorney about your options. This law restricts many people, but it doesn’t always have to be implemented. The court could issue a different ruling for your case with the right evidence that you’ll appear when asked and abide by a visitation plan.

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