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Woman falsely accused of having gun, fleeing with children

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

Child custody cases are sometimes contentious, so it’s not a surprise that a mother or father might fight with one another. Even if they live together, like the couple in this case, the person who has legal custody still gets to make decisions for the welfare of the children.

This case involves a woman who was initially accused of fleeing with her children; however, not all cases involving child kidnapping are as they appear. In one case in California, for instance, the mother took her children legally but found herself at the center of an Amber Alert when her children were reported as missing and in imminent danger.

The woman had supposedly been involved in a fight with the children’s father in New Mexico the night of the incident. She allegedly claimed she would kill herself and her children, so when the father woke up and they were gone, he called the deputies. The mother was also allegedly carrying a firearm, so the authorities gathered information and issued the alert.

They found that the woman had been heading westbound on Interstate 40, leaving Albuquerque. Shortly after issuing the alert, the woman turned herself in at a fire station in Bernalillo County. The woman had family in the Los Angeles area, explaining where she was headed. The news later reported that the mother did have full custody of the children and is their biological mother. The reported handgun wasn’t found, drawing the father’s assertions into question.

If you’re in a situation like this, you don’t have to struggle alone. False allegations against you could hurt your reputation, and it can strain your relationship with your children.

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